Why go on a family trip to Maribor?

Why go on a family trip to Maribor?

Read about a family trip to Maribor, as described by the blogger Nina travels, and her seven reasons why it is an excellent location for a family trip.

Seven reasons for a family trip to Maribor

The author of the blog Nina travels also visited Maribor and briefly described her family's experience. Check out the reasons why visiting Maribor is a good family friendly destination.

1. Picturesque old city centre

A walk around the old city centre is perfect for the whole family. The area is small, what makes it ideal also for young kids, who would rather walk all by themselves.Make sure to walk to the lively Lent along the Drava River, have a coffee in one of its many cafes on Poštna ulica (Post street), admire the church bell-towers and learn more about the past at the Plague Column – one of the most beautiful baroque monuments of its kind in Slovenia.

If you’ll find yourself in Maribor with kids, check out the children workshops at the manor Vetrinjski dvor. Lots is going on for kids there on Saturdays.

2. City Park

Every city has its park and Maribor has one too – it is called the City Park. Its main promenade did not change much ever since 1952. While it takes you up to the three ponds, your kids can run around careless and free. In nice weather, you can just sit there and simply enjoy the nature.

3. Elegant swans on the Drava River

A visit to Maribor with kids or without them, it is always nice to observe the elegant swans on the river. However, it is way more interesting to children. During warmer months also a boat ride on the Drava River is possible, what is also a nice outdoor experience for kids.

4. Gondola ride up to Pohorje

What can be more thrilling for kids than trying different transportations, while also learning something new. A ride with the cable car up to Pohorje mountain range is fun for the little ones for sure. You will be able to observe panoramic views over Maribor during the ride and at the top too. But Pohorje is mostly known for numerous hiking trails, so pack your hiking boots and enjoy unspoiled nature.

5. Hills for short hikes

Maribor and its surrounding is full of hills, offering nice views and short hiking trails for your little ones of all ages. Among the three most popular ones are definitely Kalvarija, Piramida and Pekrska Gorca, which wevisited. The path goes past vineyards, which is probably even more beautiful from spring to autumn. We will definitely return.

6. Splashing in thermal pools

You can join a trip to Maribor with kids with swimming in thermal water coming from the depth of 800-900 meters, so the pools have natural water temperature from 33 to 37°C.Water has various healing effects and is especially recommended for problems with joints, muscles, ligaments, bones, gynecological and other diseases. We enjoyed the pools at Habakuk Hotel.

7. Playgrounds and little kids’ areas

Noticing all kinds of playgrounds and kids’ areas in and around Maribor, I can easily confirm, the city really is family friendly destination. If I compare it to Ljubljana and its old city center, where there are many cafes and restaurants, it is almost impossible to find a place with a kid’s corner – I sometimes get the feeling that kids are not even welcome there.

But it was totally different in Maribor – many cafes and restaurants offered small kid’s corners, what really impressed me. Good job Maribor! Besides the small kid’s corners, there are also some nice playgrounds. We really enjoyed the one in City Park and by the Cable car station / Habakuk Hotel. We also wanted to test the playground at the Drava Center, but the area was still closed for renovation.