Frančiška Šafarič

Frančiška Šafarič

Preserving our heritage

Easter eggs have been present in the life of Frančiška Šafarič for many years and are one of the most beautiful genres of Slovenian folk art, an ancient symbol of life and fertility. Various Slovenian national motifs are painted on chicken, goose, or duck eggs. In addition to Easter eggs, Frančiška Šafarič creates and makes bouquets with small crêpe paper flowers. Dried lavender or sage from her garden is often included in the bouquet.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Easter eggs
  • Crêpe paper bouquets


Frančiška Šafarič
Čagona 49, 2236 Cerkvenjak
+386 51 215 765