VOOLINA, Mateja Kuhar

VOOLINA, Mateja Kuhar

Felt wool products

These felt wool products are designed by Mateja Kuhar under the VOOLINA brand. The purpose of these felt creations is to draw a smile and warm the heart. They are made from natural unspun bio-wool from Slovenian sheep, which is not processed in an environmentally and humanly harmful way, but only washed and carded, combed. It is still possible to find the remains of dried grass, bearing the endearing remembrance of where the sheep grazed.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Dragica and Srečko, hand felted wool sheep, brooches/magnets
  • Good luck acorn - an acorn with a felt nut and heart covered with a real oak cap
  • Dragica and Srečko, hand felted wool sheep, standing "mascots"


VOOLINA, Mateja Kuhar
Gosposka ulica 28, 2000 Maribor (Društva Birka)
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