Selinšek Farm

Selinšek Farm

A source of wholesome milk

A family farm from the heart of Dravsko polje is the source of wholesome milk and a place where high-quality raw materials turn into products with an authentic taste. Home-grown GMO-free fodder along with carefully controlled working processes and manual processing ensure high-quality products marketed under Select quality – Farm quality.

In addition to homemade natural yoghurt, full-fat cottage cheese, and ripened Šentjanž cheese, they offer different kind of fruit yoghurts, cheese spreads, fresh cheeses (with the addition of chilli and chives) and halloumi.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Natural yoghurt
  • Selinšek cottage cheese
  • Semi-soft Šentjanž cheese


Selinšek Farm
Starše 79, 2205 Starše
T: +386 51 347 908
Facebook: Selinšek Farm

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