The city blades for the nineteenth time!

ZZrolano mesto is a traditional rollerblading parade through the streets of Maribor accompanied by music. All generations are welcome to participate on rollerblades, inline skates, bicycles, or any other wheeled vehicles.

The largest roller skating parade in this part of Europe will be held for the nineteenth time this year!

This traditional and free event, suitable for all generations, brings many new features in this year's edition, including a NEW ROUTE!

On Sunday, September 22, 2024, in the afternoon, we will gather with various wheels, bicycles, and roller skates, and embark on a 15 km route through the streets of Maribor, accompanied by music from a truck.

Police and ambulance escorts ensure that we and our youngest participants are completely safe while roller skating through Maribor, all while having fantastic fun.

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