The ceremonious grape harvest of the Oldest grapevine in the world

Our Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, queen of the grape vine, as the biggest ethnographic sight is given a lot of tourist promotional protocol events – the most famous and most popular is certainly the Vine’s grape harvest.

Are you curious as to how we ceremoniously gather them?

The grape harvest of the Old Vine according to old Štajerska customs and habits has become a real city holiday, which is watched by crowds of people from Maribor and guests. In front of the Old Vine’s home on Lent many visitors from near and far, numerous important guests from the government and public life, many receivers of the Old Vine’s scions and all Slovene wine queens to date gather. Present are also representatives of the wine fraternities and orders and also numerous journalists. The tasting and evaluation of the first grapes is an important role, which is carried out by the master of the Old Vine, the Mayor of Maribor. When he ascertains that the grapes are ripe, he orders the grape harvest top begin. Grape gatherers from "Šompetra" near Maribor, who are chosen by the master of the Vine, collect, weigh, measure the sugar content, grind, press, pour into containers and hand over to the care of the Meranovo Estate.
By the Old Vine at the end of the grape harvest the last wooden tub of grapes symbolically meets with the first tub of manure, as we have to return to the Old Vine that which with the grapes we took away. The youngest grape gatherer puts on a grape on a vine shoot so that the vine will drink its own juice.


Ana Bezjak and her band will provide the musical backdrop, and AFS student will provide the dancing atmosphere.


  • Vina Jarc
  • Vina Mukenauer
  • Vina Jaunik
  • Vino Hlade

Vendors at the market of local delicacies:

1. Ovar Jarenina Tourist Board, homemade delicacies
2. Ovatar Jarenina Tourist Board, homemade delicacies and cider
3. Beno Kolarič, lectar
4. Farm Frangež, Rače, homemade delicacies

At the grape harvest, we will crown the new Maribor Wine Queen 2023 for the period 2023-2025.

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