Vino Kušter (Winemaker)

Vino Kušter (Winemaker)

Kušter Wines in the quaint town of Svečina is one of the first vineyards outlining the famously romantic and unmistakable road in the shape of a heart, one of the most iconic postcard images that Green Slovenia has to offer. It comes as no surprise, then, that here lives the seventh generation of vintners producing the beverage of love. The warm and vivid rays of light that bathe the sunny hills are bottled up in Kušter’s wines.

As they say, wine is not a drink, but a special, luxurious pleasure that we crave. Kušter awaits you with premium sparkling wines, made as tradition requires. Their wines bubble with youth and vigor. Their fruity wines and their full-bodied aromatic wines take you to an intoxicating world, which their long tradition has mastered and turned into a truly unique character. Try their orange wine, which tastes as if you had bottled up the sun itself, a real treat for every palate.


Everyone makes mistakes, but Kušter wines certainly aren’t one of them! Here all you’ll find is an explosion of tastes from mature and full-bodied, but still fresh, fruity, dry, and semi-dry vintages. A tasty bite of local specialties is served with every glass, in order to awaken your soul and carry you off to a world of gourmet enjoyment. 

Includes: Tour of the wine cellar + a flight with 6 wines + charcuterie board of local delicacies (50 g).

Price:  €18

Reservations are necessary, and you can make them:

  • through the website,
  • at the TIC Maribor (Partizanska cesta, 6a, 2000 Maribor)
  • at the Old Vine House (Vojašniška Street 8, 2000 Maribor)

You can reserve your place at all tastings up to 24 hours before they begin.