Hiša Joannes Protner (Winemaker)

Hiša Joannes Protner (Winemaker)

Strength is imbued in the very name. The Joannes Protner Winery has inherited a 200-year tradition of winemaking. And here lives Slovenia’s Wine Queen, Ana Protner.

With fond thoughts of their great-grandparents, of their experiences and hard work, the current generation is getting even closer to nature, helping grapevines yield the very best that they can. The picturesque setting near the center of Maribor is an endless rainbow of whites, reds, rosés, and sparklings. 

The Joannes Protner wine cellar is renowned at home and abroad for its Rhine Rieslings, its Pinot Noir, and its sparkling vintages. Their vineyard has earned organic status, and their supremely sustainable winemaking is taking their story to unprecedented green heights.


You will try a tasting of rosé, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Riesling semi-dry, Blaufränkisch, and semi-dry Yellow Muscat.

Price:  €18


The classic tastes of dry and semi-dry Riesling are followed by other magnificent flavors. Joannes Natura – organic orange wine, macerated Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and 2012 Rhine Riesling.

Price:  €28

Reservations are necessary, and you can make them:

  • through the website,
  • at the TIC Maribor (Partizanska cesta, 6a, 2000 Maribor)
  • at the Old Vine House (Vojašniška Street 8, 2000 Maribor)

You can reserve your place at all tastings up to 24 hours before they begin.