Hiša vina Leber (Winemaker)

Hiša vina Leber (Winemaker)

In vino veritas! This saying, a popular one on local tourist farms, is the heartfelt slogan of Leber Wines, whose estate is bathed in sunshine on the outskirts of the lovely Slovenske Gorice. They are proud of their premium wines here, as they help you, like the Romans put into words, find the truth in a gentle, special, authentic way. Along with the house specialty – crunchy onion bread – you’ll have everything you need for pure enjoyment.

They have every ingredient necessary for world-class wine – a wonderful lay of the land, a perfect terroir, and over 100 years of family vineyard tradition. Set off on a true enological adventure, trying both their young and mature wines, as well as their sparklings. Enjoy both reds and whites, produced in a cellar that has won awards both at home and abroad.


Includes: Tour of the wine cellar + a flight with 6 wines + charcuterie board of local delicacies (50 g).

Price:  €18

Reservations are necessary, and you can make them:

  • through the website,
  • at the TIC Maribor (Partizanska cesta, 6a, 2000 Maribor)
  • at the Old Vine House (Vojašniška Street 8, 2000 Maribor)

You can reserve your place at all tastings up to 24 hours before they begin.