Food tour: Sweet City Adventure

Food tour: Sweet City Adventure

Take a walk on the sweet side of Maribor with a local guide and discover the most exquisite hidden gems.

Package includes

  • Various representative desserts from different Slovenian regions.
  • Homemade ice cream in a local ice cream shop.
  • Representative (semi-) sweet wines from the Štajerska region.
  • Coffee and a 360 ° view of Maribor.
  • Discovering local sweets and treats on a 2-hour walk through the contemporary and historical Maribor.

Alcoholic drinks can be replaced by non-alcoholic beverages.

Price List

  • Small groups, 2–6 people.
  • EUR 35 per person.
  • A tour for a single person is possible, but the price for 2 people applies.
  • Tours for larger groups ca be organised by appointment.

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