Kozjak trail

Kozjak trail

Over the wine-growing hills to Urban, Gaj and Tojzlov Vrh

This is a trail of amazing experiences that takes us from the Maribor City Park through a varied landscape of wine-growing hills and forests to the viewpoints on the eastern slopes of the Kozjak range. After a pause at the summit, with the church dedicated to Sveti Urban Hill, we continue through a forested landscape with its isolated farms to the mountain hut below Tojzlov Vrh Hill (703 m).

Farms and vineyards along the way offer genuine hospitality and open the door to a world of local gastronomic pleasures.You can also shorten the trail and descend from the Sveti Urban Hill, over Medič and to Kamenica. Moreover, it is possible to extend it and continue from the Tojzlov Vrh Hill towards the Žavcarjev Vrh Hill and Sršenov Vrh Hill.

Additional information


  • Path type: hiking trail
  • Distance: 20km
  • Altitude difference: 500m
  • Starting point: City Park in Maribor
  • Duration: 6-7 h
  • Difficulty: less demanding