The Bistriški Vintgar Gorge

The Bistriški Vintgar Gorge

Trail along the picturesque gorge of the crystal-clear Bistrica stream.

The path through the Bistrica Gorge, the picturesque valley of the Bistrica stream, is full of natural sights and remains of human dwellings and work!

Where to begin, continue and finish?

  • The trail to Bistrica Gorge begins in Zgornja Bistrica. From the waterworks the trail continues along the Bistrica stream, which is crystal clear murmurs and roars over the rocks.
  • After a thirty minute walk take a rest at the Roman quarry, where in former times marble was quarried for Roman necropolises in Štajerska. You will be enchanted by the Šum waterfall, which foams over 13 metres of eroded tonalite.
  • A little way further on you can turn to the left, where there is a steep trail that leads to Ančnikovo gradišče, the remains of a late antiquity fortress dating from the 4th century. Here during excavations forged articles were dug up, the most interesting of which is a bronze statue of Apollo. Along the way are numerous remains of mills and sawmills, which were once driven by the Bistrica stream. All the way through the Bistrica gorge the footpath runs in the shadow of mighty trees, and a part of the trail even leads through a forest reserve. The mightiest tree of all is the renowned Marolt fir tree with a circumference of 605 cm.
  • The trail through the Bistrica gorge ends in Močnik, however the trail can be continued on foot or by car towards Trije kralji, the lake Črno jezero or Areh, or you can return to Slovenska Bistrica via Urh, Tinje and Jurišna vas or via Šmartno na Pohorju.


  • Path type: hiking trail
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Altitude difference: 600 m
  • Starting point: Water reservoir in Zg. Bistrica (passing the Impol facility)
  • Duration: 2,5 h
  • Difficulty: easy
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