Maribor Graffiti

Maribor Graffiti

People have been making their creative prints on walls for thousands of years. Graffiti is an interesting form of street art today.

What's your favorite graffiti in town?

They are an artistic, aesthetic and subcultural phenomenon and a widespread popular form of art, a special form of communication. They are considered to be a special form of creativity and ingenuity.  

One can find a lot of graffiti all over the city of Maribor as well. In 2020, “in front of the Maribor Youth Culture Center (Mladinski kulturni center Maribor (Maribor Youth Culture Center) at the Pekarna Cultural Centre, the first permanent 3D graffiti in the region was created by the renowned Croatian artist and record holder in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest anamorphic image in the world Filip Mrvelj, known by his artist name 3D Filip.

In 2020, the Maribor Municipality also launched a creative work campaign for wall paintings in the new underpass of the Street Ljubljanska ulica next to Magdalena Park, which form a new outdoor exhibition called “Ob štreki” (On the railway line). As part of the “IZBOLJŠAJMO MARIBOR” (Let's Improve Maribor) project, the Municipality of Maribor is trying to promote the development of graffiti culture in our city.