Meljski Hrib Hill

Meljski Hrib Hill

An important ornithological area

Relaxation and bird watching

Relaxation in nature, recreation, horse riding, the closeness of the Maribor wine road, … the hill Meljski hrib offers all this and much more!

Where did it get its name?

398 m high Meljski hrib got its name after the scree on the southern side of the hill. According to a different position ancient tradition of milling, as along the banks of the river Drava once numerous floating water mills.  

Points of interest – from history and nature

It is worth mentioning that even traces of a Celtic post dating from the 1st century BC were found on this hill. As a gathering point of common birds of prey (three of nine birds of prey species even nest here) Meljski hrib is one of the important ornithological regions. Otherwise 61 species of birds nest here, among others also the coloured and grey warbler; among them there are 13 species that are listed in the red register of threatened species of birds of Slovenia, 30 species of birds stay here out of the nesting time or spend winter here.

How to get to the hill Meljski hrib?

To reach Meljski hrib set off from the centre of Maribor along the road Partizanska cesta directly between the railway and bus stations along the road Meljska cesta and turn left onto the Maribor wine road.