Maribor Mobility Centre

Maribor Mobility Centre

Exploring the city and being environment-friendly.

Rent a bike and explore Maribor and its surroundings.

Bike rental
You can choose between city and trekking bikes: all are technically flawless and regularly maintained.


City bikes

  • 1 day: 10,00 EUR
    • Every following day: 5,00 EUR
  • 1 month ((up to 30 days): 60,00 EUR
  • Deposit: 40,00 EUR

Mountain bikes

  • Half-day rental (9.00-13.00 or 13.00-17.00): 15,00 EUR
  • 1 day: 20,00 EUR
  • Weekly rental (up to 7 days): 80,00 EUR
  • Deposit: 50,00 EUR

Student rental of recycled bicycles

  • Semester loan (up to 6 months): EUR 40,00 EUR
  • Deposit: 40,00 EUR

Cargo Bike

  • Half-day rental (9.00-13.00 or 13.00-17.00): 5,00 EUR
  • 1 day: 10,00 EUR
  • Deposit: 50,00 EUR

Bicycle service and e-charging station
The Mobility Center also offers bicycle service and an e-charging station for e-bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and, last but not least for mobile phones. It operates 24 hours a day.

They also sell recycled and custom bikes.

Everything for a perfect bike trip
They rent car mounts for bicycles and also offer the possibility of 24-hour use of the pump and gear in front of the bar.

Bike kitchen
A bicycle self repair workshop takes place every Thursday between 4pm and 8pm.