Drava River

Drava River

Famous river of Maribor

The main reason why Maribor was built here

Take a ride on the river with a traditional raft, the ship Dravska Vila or a more modern vessel, or take a walk or cycle along the river, or just spend a peaceful afternoon while fishing and enjoying the rich natural fauna.  

Along the Drava River...

The Drava River offers watersports enthusiasts much fun and many recreational activities. Its rich fauna allows for diverse fishing.

There are excellent walking and cycling trails at the river embankment where you can also admire many attractions of the city of Maribor. From old Lent, you can follow the rafting educational trail past the Koblar Bay and towards the Maribor Island and a reservoir.

You can get your piece of the “sea” in the Drava Center where you can enjoy the sun, unwind from the frantic pace of everyday life and recharge your batteries.

If you want to take longer walks or cycling tours, we recommend you visit the Drava Regional Park between Maribor and Ptuj.

On the Drava River...

You can row, sail or surf on the Drava River and the reservoir. You certainly cannot miss one of the most famous tourist activities – rafting on the Drava River with traditional rafts. You can also take a ride with the Dravska Vila Boat.

Rich Flora and Fauna

Take a walk along the Drava River, get to know and admire the colourful gang of its “inhabitants”. The river basin is home to over 90 bird and 50 fish species. Rock lovers will be undoubtedly impressed by two interesting deposits of protected rocks – Huzarski Skok and Vražje Skale.