Tourist tax in Maribor

Tourist tax in Maribor

Calculation of the tourist tax and the promotion fee in the municipality of Maribor

According to the regulation on the determination of the tourist tax in the municipality of Maribor, the tourist tax amounts to 2.00 EUR. On the January 1, 2019, the provisions of the Tourism Promotion Act came into force, which, in addition to the tourist tax, also introduced the calculation of a promotion fee of 0.50 euro.

Total amount of the tourist tax and the promotion fee in the municipality of Maribor

  TOTAL Tourist tax Promotion fee

Tourist tax + promotion fee

3,13 EUR 2,50 EUR 0,63 EUR

Tourist tax + promotion fee (50% - exemption)

1,56 EUR 1,25 EUR 0,31 EUR

Exemption from the tourist tax

The following are exempt from paying the tourist tax:

  • children up to 7 years;
  • people with a doctor's referral in natural spas;
  • persons after submitting a photocopy of the decision of a competent authority, from which it is evident that the insured person (hereinafter: the insured person) has a disability or physical handicap or photocopies of the certificate or the opinion of the competent commission for disability or physical impairment or on the basis of membership cards of disability organizations;
  • children and young persons on the basis of a photocopy of the decision on the classification and orientation of children with special needs;
  • pupils, students and their teachers or mentors, participants in educational programs organized by associations and other educational institutions as well as religious and other communities as part of their regular activities on a non-profit basis;
  • pupils and students in pupil's homes or student dormitories;
  • people who temporarily work and live in a culinary establishment for more than 30 days continuously;
  • foreigners who are exempt from the tourist tax in accordance with international regulations and agreements;
  • members of the Slovenian Mountaineering Association in mountain huts on the basis of a valid membership card.

The following groups pay the tourist tax of 50%:

  • people from 7 to 18 years of age;
  • tourists, members of international youth organizations who stay overnight in youth hostels of the international IYHF youth hostel network;
  • tourists on campsites.
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