Pohorje (Belvi - Areh - Šumik)

Pohorje (Belvi - Areh - Šumik)

Take a ride on a rugged 41 km long track.

The route is suitable for all who are physically fit. For more recreational cyclists there are many stops and scenic viewpoints along the way. In 41 km of the total distance you will descend only 500 and ascend 1300 metres of altitude.

The route begins with a cable car ride to the top of Maribor Pohorje, at 1042 metres of altitude. This is a popular vista of the city of Maribor. Then the route begins to ascend along the ski slope in the west direction to the Maribor gazebo. We recommend you to go to the top of gazebo. You continue through a forest in the west direction along the popular hiking trail towards Areh. The route will lead you past Green Village Ruševec and Mariborska koča lodge where you can rest and have a meal. Then you continue on the ridge past the water reservoir to Areh. Areh is a popular ski slope with hotel, snack bars and the famous Ruška koča lodge, a well-known stop with a wonderful vista of the Church of St. Areh.

From here on, the gravel route begins to descend slightly all the way to the Šumik primeval forest. We recommend to descend to two famous Šumik waterfalls on foot. The mountain trail is quite demanding.

You continue with a slight ascent to the Šumik lodge, a tourist mountain homestead.

Then you take the gravel road to the valley. At first, the road is quite unpredictable and descends by 800 meters at a 11 km section. You will arrive in a tranquil settlement of Smolnik, continue pass a cemetery and arrive in Ruše. Here you can rest and refresh in numerous restaurants. We recommend the Vernik restaurant.


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