Črni dragulj (Black Gem) Organic farm

Črni dragulj (Black Gem) Organic farm

Chokeberries rock

Črni dragulj is a young organic farm. They are engaged in the cultivation and processing of organic chokeberries. As a secondary activity on the farm, they also have registered hand weaving and handmade leather belts.

Their organically certified chokeberry plantation spreads over an area encompassing a little over a hectare. They believe that the chokeberry is a real gem among the fruit, so they named their farm Črni dragulj (Black Gem).

Most chokeberries are processed into 100% juice, and in addition to juice, they offer other products: fruit spreads, mixed juices, syrup, tea, liqueur, brandy and Aronino - a fermented fruit drink made from chokeberry.

They have received numerous awards and recognitions for their products.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Aronino – fruit wine
  • Eco-chokeberry juice
  • Aronijevec – chokeberry liqueur


Ekološka kmetija Črni dragulj
Gasilska ulica 21, 2000 Maribor
+386 41 678 331
www: Ekološka kmetija Črni dragulj
Facebook: Aronija EKO