About Maribor Tourist Board

About Maribor Tourist Board

About us

The Maribor Tourist Board (Zavod za turizem Maribor) acts as a tourist organisation for performing public services in relation to the promotion of tourism, designing comprehensive tourist offers, encouraging the development of tourist infrastructure, promoting wholesome offers and informing visitors.

The Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board was established by the City of Maribor in 2000 with a decree (MUV5/2000) from the Establishment of the Public Economic Institute for tourism Maribor. In 2009, the City of Ljubljana redesigned the institution into the Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board, a public institution. The founders of the board are: the City of Maribor, Hoče – Slivnica Municipality, Rače – Fram Municipality and the Starše Municipality (MUV 16/2012).

In 2019, the municipality of Hoče-Slivnica, the municipality of Rače-Fram and the municipality of Starše retired as founders of the institute, making the municipality of Maribor the sole founder of the Maribor Tourist Board. In September 2020, the municipality of Maribor passed a new decree to establish the public Maribor Tourist Board (MUV 22/2020).

Identity card

Name Zavod za turizem Maribor, javni zavod
Shortened name Zavod za turizem Maribor
International name Maribor tourist board
Person responsible Jure Struc, Director
Address Tkalski prehod 4, 2000 Maribor
Telephone +386 2 23 46 600
Fax +386 2 23 46 623
E-mail zzt@maribor.si
Registration No. 1526022
VAT ID SI 70464600

The vision of the Maribor-Pohorje tourist destination

The tourist destination is attractive for guests who wish to enjoy life and is known for its hospitality. The guests are relaxed, pampered and encouraged to explore the spiritual culture, activities in nature and a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

It is recognisable by the lush green forests, sunny wine-growing hills, the rich heritage and incredible wine tradition with the symbol of the oldest vine in the world. It excells in top cultural and social offers that have seen it upgraded to the title of the 2012 European Capital of Culture.

Its quality offer impresses professional and recreational athletes. The key characteristics of the destination are green nature, healthy potable water, a lovely climate, authentic wine and culinary experiences, ancient cities, a lively image of the countryside and happy and hospitable locals. Its excellence is reached with the quality offer of comfort, services and entertainment even for the more demanding business guests.

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