City walks

City walks

"We're a bit special here," is a common refrain among Maribor's residents. Embark on a journey to discover the city through their eyes, uncovering the stories that circulate among locals and make the city so unique.

Wander around Maribor

Maribor, the capital of Štajerska, bears the mark of transformation in its very veins. Like chameleons, some of its streets and squares have shed their old names and identities, taking on new ones to reflect the city's ever-changing landscape.

Delve into the heart of Maribor, where creativity and cultural history intertwine. Explore the city center, brimming with vibrant neighborhoods and bustling industrial zones that once echoed manufacturing sounds, from soap to clothing to vehicles.

As you wander through Maribor's dynamic streets and soak in its unique atmosphere, let the city's infectious energy and rebellious spirit wash over you. Discover a place where history meets modernity, creativity knows no bounds, and the Maribor spirit shines through in every corner.

Rajzefiber stroll

Discover Maribor differently - with a local and in an unusual way. Find your favorite "rajzefirbčni" stroll and listen to the stories of walkers, as the guides of Rajzefiber call themselves.

This is the Styrian name for wanderlust. If you're not a fan of classic guided tours with an umbrella held high, rajzefirbčni strolls are perfect for you. If you enjoy exploring hidden corners of cities and hearing stories about their unsung heroes, who may not necessarily be recorded in history books, thematic walks will stir your wanderlust. The hottest tour right now is undoubtedly Maribor – The Metropolis.

Through Maribor's tumultuous history

On the Craft path, which blossomed with river traffic on the Drava, you can learn about the old master techniques of Maribor's candlemakers, gingerbread makers, goldsmiths, and coppersmiths.

The Tezno zone hides underground tunnels, where German aircraft engine production moved during World War II. Light your torches and embark on a journey through the mysterious tunnels. For a stronger dose of stories from the turbulent 20th century, reserve a spot for the city walk Maribor - city on the border.

At the Mini History for families experience at the Maribor National Liberation Museum, you will learn about the vivid history of the 20th century through museum stories and a walk through the city.

A world of experiences

Maribor: The only city with a walking festival

The Walking festival traditionally heralds spring and a new season of themed walks around the city, park, vineyards, and forests.

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