Maribor – green destination

Maribor – green destination

The destination hold the Slovenia Green Destination title.

Welcome to the green destination

Maribor enables you contact with the green and unspoiled nature. Head out to exploring the Pohorje rainforest, visit the Lovrenc Lakes and the Black Lake, feel the freshness of the Veliki Šumik and Mali Šumik waterfalls, walk through the forests and visit one of the huts, where you will be offered the excellent Pohorje cuisine.

The fresh green oases can be found in the city and its direct vicinity. Explore the Pivola Botanical Garden, TAL 2000 or have a moment to yourself in one of the parks. The largest one is the City Park with the area of Three Ponds, which continue to the backdrop of the forests and vineyards.

When in Maribor you must visit the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, which has been thriving at the edge of the city wall for 400 years by the Drava River. The unique vine is protected natural value, which has been included in the Guinness Book of Records since 2004.

A green river winds through the city and the surroundings. The Drava River and its embankments are a home to many animal and plant species. It is priceless for anyone living next to it and with it. Take a ride on the river with the wooden raft, a tourist boat or a SUP and take a look at the city from another perspective. The Maribor Island offers you freshness, green and a swimming area, located in the middle of the Drava River. Take a walk on it or dip your toes in the Drava River, and in the summer months freshen up at the first city bathing area, located here since 1930.

Live in harmony of nature

Are you interested in the green accommodation selection? You will feel excellent staying at the eco farms in the rural surrounding as well as in the glamping houses, eco huts in the Ruševec Green Village or the Maribor Hotel, which holds the EU ecolabel (environmental daisy). From eco accommodation walk through the urban eco gardens and visit the eco market with healthy local produce.

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