Farm Legnar

Farm Legnar

Top quality chilli products

The Legnar farm is a family micro-farm, where they grow chillies and create top-quality chilli products, and where the work is still largely done by hand. This is how they ensure all of their products are of the highest quality, which are created in an idyllic setting on the foothills of Slovenske gorice, more precisely in Celestrina, within the embrace of vineyards.

They plant more than 50 different varieties of chilli during the season, and their own seed bank counts over 200 different varieties. They successfully combine home-grown chillies with other produce: pumpkin oil with chilli, chilli salt, which is a wonderful fusion of flavours, hotness, and saltiness, Haizer (aged wine brandy with chilli), and other products.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Chilli sauce Red cheeks (Rdeča lička)
  • Pumpkin oil with chilli
  • Chilli salt


Farm Legnar - Čili napoj
Celestrina 13 a, 2229 Malečnik
T: +386 41 268 095
www: Čili Napoj
Facebook: Napoj