Homemade pasta, Igor Škamlec

Homemade pasta, Igor Škamlec

A varied selection of pasta

We are a family business that makes homemade pasta of various shapes and flavours. Our pasta is made from high quality ingredients, and without added flavour enhancers or colours, only fresh local vegetables and eggs from the farm are added. The pasta is naturally dried. It is suitable for gourmets as well as athletes and all those who watch their diet.

We offer a wide range of different products: homemade soup noodles, homemade tagliatelle, homemade tagliatelle with spinach, homemade fusilli, Trio Adijo - a combination of three flavours, spelt tagliatelle, spelt tagliatelle with spinach, spelt fusilli, spelt fusilli with nettles, buckwheat noodles …

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Pasta Trio Adijo
  • Pasta Koprivčki with nettles


Homemade pasta, Igor Škamlec
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