Mr. Bee Beekeeping

Mr. Bee Beekeeping

Your honey moment

Mr. Bee has local, quality, and innovative products, which can be a wonderful gift for anyone.

They offer a wide selection of honey products - from classic honey (blossom, acacia, forest, linden, chestnut, spruce) to delicious cream honey with flavours such as raspberry, chocolate, hazelnut, apple, pollen, propolis, and honey liqueur. Many of their products have received awards, and they are especially proud of their unique cream honey “Žlahtna Izabela”, which received the IGCAT international certificate in Finland and was ranked among the most prestigious of European culinary souvenirs.

Honey tastings are also possible at the Mr. Bee local shop in Zgornja Polskava by prior arrangement.

Mr. Bee also has its own apitherapeutic apiary, where guests can enjoy panoramic views of Pohorje, relax, fall asleep to sounds of bees buzzing or try aerosol apitherapy– an intensive inhalation of healing air from beehives through masks or pipes that are connected to the beehive. Aerosol apitherapy has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and human psychophysical well-being. It is especially recommended for patients with lung diseases, asthma, chronic bronchitis, sore throats, allergies, and the like. For those who want to experience relaxation in nature a little differently, they also offer an anti-stress honey massage to the sounds of bees, after which you will feel reborn.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Žlahtna Izabela cream honey
  • The affluent essence of spruce - spruce honey
  • Honey liqueur


Mr. Bee Beekeeping
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