Viticulture Kokol

Viticulture Kokol

The vine which bears fruit endows life and enriches health!

Viticulture and winemaker Kokol is a family estate. They build upon a 40-year tradition, on a sincere love of grapevines and caring for nature. They cultivate about 3 ha of vineyards east of Maribor.

They operate on the principles of a circular economy with no waste in grape processing. The grapes are processed into wine, and the grape seeds are squeezed into grape seed oil. What is left after the pressing is further used for processing into grape seed flour.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Grape seeds - whole
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Grape seed flour
  • Roll-on lip gloss


Viticulture Kokol (Hiša vin Kokol)
Ciglence 20, 2241 Spodnji Duplek
T: +386 41 600 205, +386 41 738 066
www: Hiša vin Kokol
Facebook: Hiša vin Kokol