The Avantgard metalli Cooperative

The Avantgard metalli Cooperative

Jewellery from industrial aluminium

Award-winning craftswoman and jewellery designer Vesna Plavec makes jewellery from scrap industrial aluminium, a tradition in Slovenska Bistrica for more than 200 years. She creates under the Avantgard metalli brand. Her distinctive personal style is an intermingling of ancient forging and goldsmithing techniques, her use of traditional antique hand tools, and the reuse of unusual modern metal.

Earrings and the Styrian heart (Štajersko srce) brooch are her independent works. In two works she joined her creative forces with a master of hand-worked stone, Marijan Crnič.

Local stone, Pohorje schist from the Koritno nad Oplotnico settlement, combine with industrial aluminium from Slovenska Bistrica aluminium producer Impol, to gain a new dimension in a wonderful symbiosis of minimalist design. A nice modern Styrian heart stand and a versatile decorative tray were created.

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Earrings - Styrian heart
  • Brooch - Styrian heart
  • Stand - Styrian heart
  • Multi-purpose decorative tray
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