Jasmina Možič

Jasmina Možič

Jewelry from the Drava River

Jasmina Možič lives in Limbuš, a town between the Drava River and the slopes of the Pohorje Massif. The jewelry she creates is connected to the home environment and the play of nature. The handmade packaging from the Dlan Institute and the help of family and friends add a special touch. Jewelry is made from natural materials.

Jasmina's story is a personal desire to create something for herself and others. She loves Maribor, especially its bridges that mark and accompany the town. Below them flows the Drava, which connects and brings with it stones she shapes and uses to make jewelry.

And the Drava runs quietly forward!

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • necklace
  • bracelet
  • earrings 
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