City of festivals

City of festivals

Maribor is a city celebrated for its internationally renowned festivals. From the Lent Festival, which radiates from the riverbank and engulfs the entire city in a vibrant multicultural atmosphere, to urban festivals that cater to enthusiasts.

Maribor festival experience

The vibrant heart of the 2012 European capital of culture offers top-notch cultural experiences.

Throughout the year, the city hosts renowned international festivals, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the multi-cultural Lent Festival, which fills the city streets and squares with concerts, performances, street theater, and a colorful program for families. Maribor is also home to Slovenia's largest theater festival, the Maribor Theatre Festival, the puppet festival Summer Puppet Pier, and the classical music festival Festival Maribor. Gourmets and food lovers are invited to the spring-time International Chili and Chocolate Festival and the autumn wine and culinary festival Festival of the Oldest Grapevine, culminating in the solemn harvest of the world's oldest vine.

The year-round festival scene is complemented by numerous smaller events, keeping the city and its surroundings buzzing with excitement. Why not join us for the Walking Festival, Opera Night, and Velvet Dinner among the vineyards?

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