Summer open-air spectacles

Summer open-air spectacles

Opera night or Ballet under the stars? Top-notch spectacles create a spectacular setting in the city park and on the Main square during summer.

Opera night and Ballet under the stars

Every summer, SNG Maribor relocates its stages to the city park and the Main square. During the beloved and well-attended Opera night, the park transforms into a stage for artistic highlights from recent seasons.

Ballet under the stars continues the celebration of art in the open air. On the Main square, the entire city breathes with the ballet ensemble led by artistic director and globally renowned choreographer Edward Clug.

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Opera night in the city park

Maribor's beloved Opera Night, held for over five years, serves as a captivating prelude to the city's grandest open-air festival, Lent. This cherished tradition features a symphony of musical delights, performed by the Slovenian national theatre Maribor's Symphony orchestra, choir, and soloists, all under the masterful baton of Simon Krečič. Audiences are transported on a journey through the finest operatic arias from Slovenia, Italy, and France, creating an unforgettable summer evening under the stars.

Ballet under the stars

If you're planning a city break to Maribor, mark your calendars for the first weekend of September. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as the Maribor Ballet's world-renowned choreographers showcase their masterpieces on the Main Square, alongside the city's residents.

2024 brings a captivating reimagining of a timeless love story: Romeo and Juliet by ballerina and choreographer Valentina Turcu. This year marks a significant milestone for Turcu – 30 years of artistic excellence that began at the renowned Béjart Ballet School in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her dazzling choreography breathes new life into Shakespeare's classic, promising a captivating ballet experience.

In 2023, the ballet Carmina Burana, choreographed by Edward Clug, artistic director of the Maribor Ballet, shone under the stars. Clug and Turcu, once a ballet couple on stage, now complement each other as choreographers, each with their distinct style.

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