Giant slalom race (for groups)

Giant slalom race (for groups)

Do you want to challenge your friends, acquaintances or colleagues?

Competition for groups

We prepare everything you need: we set up the ski run, make the start list, give out numbers, record times, comment over a public address system about the race and announce the results.


  • terrain preparations,
  • giant slalom track layout,
  • fencing start and finish,
  • fencing the entire route with ribbon,
  • measurement times by certified watches Longines, Tag Heuer and gauges,
  • manual (unofficial) semaphore with cards,
  • regulating and correcting the track during the race,
  • refereeing service along the track,
  • Computer draw the order of the contestants (the compulsory registration in Excel),
  • making of start list,
  • results in a digital form 30 minutes after the event,
  • results in written form,
  • race numbers rental,
  • sound system at the competition,
  • announcer during the competition,
  • possibility of installing your banners at the start and finish fence,
  • ski pass for competitors.

Additional offer:

  • Cups and medals for first three places 49,90 €,
  • Possibility of making start numbers with the logo of your company (group, team) or sponsor. Competitors can keep the numbers after the race. Price for one number: 6,90 €,
  • Orders at least 14 days before the race.
  • Possibility of making ‘real’ elastic start numbers also with a logo on your request. Price for one number: 8,40 €.
  • local culinary services as offered.
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