SUP Tour Lent

SUP Tour Lent

Active experience on the River Drava.

Active experience on the River Drava

A sup ride in Lent is an excellent opportunity to see this part of the city from another angle and enjoy and relax after a hard day's work. A view of the oldest part of the city from water is truly magical. You will be also accompanied by women who were sentenced in the Judgement Tower for witchcraft. A watchman will follow your every move from the medieval walls and the Jewish Tower by a synagogue.You will see the Water Tower which was used as defence against Turkish invasions and one of the oldest streets in the city – Usnjarska ulica – winding up towards the city centre. And that is not all... Come with us and find out more.


  • difficulty: easy
  • duration: 2 hours
  • obligatory equipment: drinking water, sun cream, swimwear or casual clothing
  • A sup ride is carried out for minimum 4 persons.

Excursions are by prior arrangement only.

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