Podpohorje wine-tourist road

Podpohorje wine-tourist road

Set out on the wine road which is an excellent starting point for further explorations of the beautiful environment.

Past numerous attractions and natural sights

The wine-tourist road which winds on the sunny edges of Pohorje between Ruše and Zreče and penetrates deep into Limbuško-Pekrske Gorice to the north before reaching Dravinjske Gorice on the south side is an excellent starting point for excursions.

Visit Maribor with its wine attractions, Rače with ponds and a castle, and Fram with its ethnological tradition. The Ruše wine road with a viticultural museum, Bistrica Gorge, Rački ribniki-Požeg Nature Park, Žabjek-Videž Nature Park with four ponds proudly show the beauty of pristine landscape. See the Charterhouse Žiče with Gastuž, the oldest inn in the Slovenian territory dating back to 1467.

Wherever you are, Pohorje invites you to visit Areh and Bolfenk, Šumik primeval forest, Črno Jezero Lake, Lovrenška Jezera lakes and Rogla.

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