Maribor – an excellent destination for business meetings

Maribor – an excellent destination for business meetings

Maribor is a unique location for conferences and motivation programmes. Here are ten good reasons why your next meeting should take place in Maribor.

10 reasons for organising your event in Maribor

1. Conference space for all occasions

The conference facilities and halls in the selection are suitable for events of various size and capacity, while offering interesting locations.

2. Special venues, with a keen sense of history

Be it an old wine cellar, a church with a monastery, the national theatre, a regional museum or a traditional raft, you can sense the past at the each of the special venues here.

3. A small city, where everything is a few steps away

In the city centre, you are only a short walk away from any of the conference spaces at any given time.

4. Excellent wines and cuisine

Besides the city being famous for the Old Vine, which at 450 years of age is the oldest vine in the world, the countryside of Maribor is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a rich culinary tradition. Maribor and its surroundings also have two out of the five best Slovenian restaurants: Hiša Denk in Zgornja Kungota and Restavracija Mak at the city centre – run by brothers Gregor and David Vračko, who are among the best chefs in Europe.

5. Good connections bring it closer even when far away

Maribor is easily accessible. The second-largest city in the country is located only an hour away from Ljubljana, about two hours from Koper, less than two hours from Novo Mesto and Bled and only half an hour from Murska Sobota. Its location is convenient for international events, as the distance from the airport to the city centre and conference halls is rather short.

6. Rich selection of business hotels

Our hotels feature top conference halls with modern technology for your event and, at the same time, offer comfort for your guests during their leisure time.

7. Maribor is never dull

You can enjoy a number of activities that will make your visit and the time your guests spend here more interesting and unique. Try out geocaching, finding your way out of an escape room or head out with a SUP; or take an unforgettable tour of the city on a traditional raft.

8. Relaxing nature

After a business meeting, your guests can relax in the city surroundings that are enriched by the unspoiled nature of Pohorje. Contact with nature will undoubtedly benefit the well-being and productivity of your group.

9. Culture at each step

After the obligations are concluded, why not explore one of the many cultural sights of Maribor. The city, which was named the European Capital of Culture 2012, is home to numerous festivals. In the summer, you can visit the Lent Festival and, in the autumn, you must attend the feast of St. Martin. And all of the seasons feature concerts and shows of various genres.

10. We are held in high repute

Maribor – Pohorje Destination is the recipient of the Slovenia Green Bronze label and, as such, a part of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST). Our second-largest city was also named the European Capital of Culture 2012, the European Youth Capital 2013 and the European City of Sport 2018.