Terms of use

Terms of use

The high-resolution photographs and video content is available in the media library of the Maribor Tourist Board.

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The high-resolution photographs and video content is available in the media library of the Maribor Tourist Board.

Photographs and videos can be used free of charge for any publication, which mean promotion of the Maribor Tourism Board, abroad or locally, in accordance with these rules.

Photographs and videos is allowed to use only by stating the author and source: www.visitmaribor.si

A registered user of the media library shall acquire the following non-exclusive rights to transferred photographs or videos:

- the right of distribution and
- the right to make available to the public to the full and broadest possible extent envisaged and enabled by the applicable Copyright and Related Rights Act, including making available to the public via a computer network (including the transfer or transmission of copyrighted work or parts thereof by means of devices for receiving and displaying information, which includes especially computer video screens and monitors, or via the world wide web used through the TCP/IP protocol – in other words the internet) or other network (including distribution services in the form of teletext, radio text and similar services, such as pay-per channel, pay-per view, near video on demand and other means of distribution or media) or through the use of a telecommunications network (including WAP, UMTS, SMS, 3G and other known telecommunication services, including so-called mobile telephony services provided through GSM, GPRS, etc., which enable the communication of a copyrighted work to the public, and fixed telephony services), and so-called multimedia rights that enable simultaneous use of the copyrighted work through several distribution systems or other systems of new technology that enable the communication of copyrighted works to the public.

Use of the video material is permittable only and solely as a whole, that is in the montage, as available in media library. Any cut-outs, embeddings and use of individual shots in own, also promotional videos, is not permittable.

Any use of material for commercial purposes such as e.g. reproduction in postcards, T-shirts, books and magnets, embedding video inserts in own promotional material and similar or their alteration or modification by any natural or legal person shall be permitted only with the prior consent of the author of the photograph or video. The consent of the author for the use of photographs and videos for these and all other purposes not covered in the preceding paragraph shall be obtained by the user directly from the author. For more information we are available at tic@maribor.si e-mail address.

Any violation of the copyrights of the author of photographs and videos shall be punishable and may result in the material liability of the user.

Maribor Tourist Board shall assume no liability for the use of photographs and videos that is in contravention of these rules.

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