Indulge in an active hiking trip in the picturesque nature of the Maribor Pohorje. Be enchanted by the hills, lakes, waterfalls and views.

Take a hike

Explore the numerous hiking trails, leading through forests, lakes and waterfalls, opening up to magnificent views. Visit one of the most beautiful Slovenian lakes - the Črno Jezero (Black Lake) or head out onto the first international Vinotour Nordic walking trail and take a picture at the renowned heart-shaped road.

Why choose our region for your hiking trip?

Pohorje, Kozjak and the wine-growing hills are full of interesting trails, picturesque nature and hidden corners. Among the number of diverse hiking trails find the one that is perfect for you and then start hiking!

  • Explore the Pohorje primeval forest, the Lovrenc, Črno and Ribnica peat bogs with lakes, mighty waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik and the clear Lobnica ...
  • The wonderful nature hides the diverse animal andplant world, and if you get your timing right, you can find delicious forest delicacies.
  • Next to the Lobnica stream you will find the completely unspoiled Pohorje primeval forest, where beech, spruce and fir trees found their hidden sanctuary.
  • Magnificent views from the vantage points and peaks.
  • Individual locations feature many stories and legends, which make the trip interesting for children as well. Who hasn't heard the fairytale of Jezernik from Lovrenc?
  • Stroll among the vineyards, orchards and forests, the wine roads and vantage panoramic trails ... Here you can also find thefirst international Vinotour Nordic walk trail, leading to the renowned heart-shaped road.

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