Rock'n'Roll of tastes

Rock'n'Roll of tastes

A crazy Maribor mix of food, wine and music.

What songs would top Styrian wines sing if they were rock stars in bottles? And what is the favourite music of the rockiest and most uncontrollable top chef from Maribor David Vračko?

Experience a fatal combination of flavours and music on a real rock 'n' roll tour. Maribor, a town that was a rebellious rock capital in the 1960s, will be revealed to you in a completely new light - on plates, in glasses and in the heart, where good old rock belongs.

Scheduled dates:

  • January-December: every Friday at 10 a.m.
  • all other dates by request

The cult chefs and musicians from Maribor are conducting the rock 'n' roll flavours. The guided experience reveals the backdrop of the unknown Maribor. Top wines and flavours are mixed with music from the time when Maribor was the capital of Slovenian rock 'n' roll. We take a stroll through the highlights of the modern cuisine and wine bottles in a town where longhaired people were once hunted by the police.

As an aperitif to the Old Vine Sparkling Wine, we play a rock song known to every Slovene. The first Maribor barista in HI KO FI is serving an afro beat, and the interactive digital table in the Maribor Castle a pheasant pie that even a glam rocker would not say no to. In the gourmet wine shop Levino with a selection of 70 types of top local wines, we meet a boutique winemaker who hears a new rock album in each year of his wines. Before the grand finale, a visit to the creative centre for alternative art GT22 and we are ready for the rockiest experience in Restaurant MAK. Top chef David Vračko always surprises with bold combinations on the plate and a spicy appearance. If we are naughty enough, he will give us a tour of his record and guitar collection in his basement.

Price includes
  • Organized interpretive guided experience.
  • Tasting of Old Vine Sparkling Wine in the Old Vine House.
  • Visit to the HI KO FI café - – coffee tasting.
  • Visit to the baroque staircase and Knight's Hall of Maribor Castle, including an interactive table providing insight into the festive menus of various historical periods.
  • Wine tasting at wine shop LeVino.
  • Visit GT22 - a creative center of alternative art.
  • Lunch at restaurant MAK.

Price list

  • for 2-3 persons: 150,00 EUR / person
  • for 4-6 persons: 120,00 EUR / person
  • for 7-8 persons: 100,00 EUR / person
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