Drava River

Drava River

Take a ride with a traditional raft and get to know the city from a completely new perspective!

Enjoy along or on the Drava River

The Drava River is strongly connected to the life in Maribor and its development. It has been proven that the roots of the Old Vine stretch to the river basin. The wine has therefore absorbed water from the river for centuries. Numerous activities are possible on and along the river with its rich flora and fauna: there are excellent walking and cycling trails at the river embankment, while you can SUP, ski or surf on the river or take a ride with a raft or a boat.

Colorful animal world

Take a walk along the Drava River, get to know and admire the colourful gang of its "inhabitants". The river basin is home to over 90 bird and 50 fish species. Rock lovers will be undoubtedly impressed by two interesting deposits of protected rocks – Huzarski Skok and Vražje Skale.

Definitely worth visiting: 
- old riverbed;
- wells with springs; and
- swamp forests.

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