The Slovenian Mountainbike route (STKP)

The Slovenian Mountainbike route (STKP)

The circular cycling route is approximately 1,800 km long.

Mountainbiking is becoming an increasingly popular activity among the members of the Slovenian Alpine Association (PZS). In order to encourage the development of mountainbike route, the PZS commission for mountainbike route planned a 1.800 km long circular cycling route with an altitude difference of 50.000 metres that will include all important Slovenian mountain groups.

The Slovenian Mountainbike route (STKP) will contribute to sustainable mobility and is one of the bigger projects in the field of cycling and hiking routes in Slovenia. The STKP also leads through the destination Maribor – Pohorje.

The trail runs past the 109 checkpoints, bikers will be imprinted with the stamp in the STKP Diary prove visit.
52 mountain huts are between the checkpints. STKP is divided into 41 stages.

Stamps can be collected from the checkpoints located in Sveta Trojica, Maister Tower in Zavrh, the Old Vine House and in the mountain cabins Mariborska koča, Ruška koča and Dom na Osankarici on Pohorje.

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