Old Vine House

Old Vine House

Discover the rich wine heritage of Maribor, the Štajerska region and Slovenia and taste the tradition, told by the oldest vine in the world.

Home to the oldest vine in the world

In the old city centre of Maribor,also called Lent, in front of the Old Vine House, grows over 450-year-old Žametovka or Modra kavčina vine variety. It is included in the Guinness Book of records as the oldest vine in the world, which still bears fruit annually.

The Old Vine was planted by the end of the Middle Ages, when Maribor was sieged by the Turks. It survived despite the wrathful battles that raged around it, since it was once part of the city walls. Even the fires in the late Middle Ages could not destroy it, not even the vine louse, which caused most of the vineyards in Europe to wither, nor the ally bombing of the city..  

Today the Old Vine is the only plant with its own space in the Old Vine House. Its descendants grow on almost every continent and in many Slovenian cities and towns. And it is in the honour of the Old Vine, the Maribor and the surroundings that they organised many picturesque wine roads and numerous wine cellars in Maribor and surrounding areas were established in the honour of the Old Vine.

Explore the events and the selection of the Old Vine House

The Old Vine House features a wine shop for its visitors with the tasting space, where you can try the top-quality wines from the Štajerska Slovenia wine-growing region. We invite you to also attend guided tours of the rich wine heritage and museum artefacts. Select a favourite souvenir for yourself or your friends in the shop with souvenirs and excellent Slovenian chocolate.

Explore the Wine tasting and snack offer in the old vine house.

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Events honouring the Old Vine

Each year the Old Vine House hosts events with a wine and culinary topic. In the summer months you can sit in the wine garden in the company of an excellent wine of the Štajerska region and enjoy the view of the venerable vine.

Other events:
- Cutting the Old Vine > an event with gifting of Old Vine to selected cities
- St. Martin's Celebration > the largest one-day celebration in Slovenia
- Old Vine Festival > top quality tourist and culinary festival of culture and wine

Gathering place of lovers of wine culture

The Old Vine House is also the honorary seat of the Slovenian and international institutions, pledged to the celebration of wine and wine culture: The Honourable Wine Covenant of Saint Urban, the European Order of Wine Knights, Slovene Order of Wine Knights and the Association of Representatives of Slovene and Maribor Wine Queens.

Did you know?

  • the Old Vine grapes is the Žametovka or Modra kavčina variety and it is one of the oldest domesticated vintage wine varieties in Slovenia.
  • the 35 to 55 kg of symbolic annual harvest is bottled in 2.5 dcl bottles of the renowned artist, Oskar Kogoj, which is a precious protocol gift. Only 100 is filled each year!
  • Maribor features a vineyard of Old Vine descendants.

Interesting facts

Most frequent questions about Old Vine

The most frequent questions about the oldest vine were answered by Stane Kocutar.

The Story of the Oldest Vine


Vineyard of Old Vine descendants

The vineyard of the descendants of the renowned 400-year-old Žametna črnina.

Old Vine`s Scions Around the World


Maribor’s 13th Wine Queen

Maribor’s Wine Queen competition is held every two years, with the winner becoming the ambassador of the world’s oldest grapevine, along with the extensive tradition and history preserved in the region of Štajerska’s winegrowing culture.

Maribor's wine queens through time

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