Maribor in 3 hours

Maribor in 3 hours

Discover the pulse of Maribor and learn about the story of the oldest vine in the world.

City centre with the Old Vine

Walk through the city centre all the way to Lent, the oldest part of Maribor and a home to the Guinness record holder, the Old Vine: the oldest vine in the world. On your way there, enjoy the pulse of the city squares, admire the features of the historical buildings, and witness the oldest vine in the world or one of the many churches.

On Friday and Saturday you can join the guided tours of the city, which include a visit to the World's Oldest Vine!

Discover more!

You can spend some more time in Maribor? Check out the hints for discovering the city in 24 and 48 hours!

Maribor in 24 hours

Enjoy the sights, feel the pulse of the city squares and hike to the nearby hills.

Maribor in 48 hours

Include activities in nature and sightseeing in your two-day visit to Maribor.