Maribor in 24 hours

Maribor in 24 hours

Enjoy the cultural and historical sights o fthe city along the Drava River, feel the pulse of the city squares and hike to get the breathtaking view of the nearby hills.

Maribor and the surroundings

Take advantage of the day and discover Maribor in detail, besides the guided tour of the city and the renowned Old Vine – the oldest vine in the world.

Visit the Vinag Wine Cellar or the Regional Museum, take a walk in one of the most beautiful city parks in Slovenia and enjoy your lunch at the Pri Treh Ribnikih restaurant with more over 300 years of tradition. The nearby wine-growing hill Piramida is located, and it will present you with the most amazing view of the city and the surroundings.

Prepared packages

We have prepared some organized excursions for you that you can book already today.

Discover more!

Are you just stopping by in Maribor or do you have more time available? Check out our hints on how to use up your 3 or 48 hours in Maribor in best way!

Maribor in 3 hours

Walk the city squares and discover the vibrant pulse of Maribor.

Maribor in 48 hours

Include activities in nature and sightseeing in your two-day visit to Maribor.
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