Winter joys

Cold winter days invite you to the snowy slopes and active breaks in the vicinity of Maribor.

A winning combination of winter sports and pampering

The largest skiing centre in Slovenia, the city ski slope of Maribor, is a gathering place for all kinds of snow enthusiasts – those on skis, boards or sleighs. And after a whole day of diverse happening, you get to enjoy even more diverse happening by the slopes.

For regeneration and relaxation, treat yourself to wellness pampering on or under Pohorje, and enjoy culinary delights and excellent Styrian wine.

Why ski at the Maribor Pohorje?

We offer you 10 reasons for choosing the Maribor Pohorje.

In close proximity to the city pulse

Maribor is the home of the oldest vine in the world, where you can enjoy tastings of the best Styrian wines, while feeling the real city pulse at the numerous events.

In Maribor and its surroundings there is no shortage of various activities and experiences, from sports, cultural, to wine and culinary ones,… therefore you are invited to Maribor Pohorje - the unique city ski resort of Maribor!

Inspiration for experiences

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