Green explorers

Green explorers

Make your family holidays even more interesting with one of the many activities in Maribor and its surroundings.

Family bike trip

Take a trip along the Drava River to the Maribor Island, where you can enjoy a short break or even swim in the water, or to the Drava center, where you can try rowing.

Take the gondola to Pohorje, drive over the ridge of Areh and hike down to Ruše, where you can return to the city along the Drava cycling route.

Cycle in a green environment - ride pass Hoče through Botanical Garden Pivola to Rače and Rače ponds. Or explore winegrowing hills - drive to the Posestvo Sončni raj (Sunny Paradise Estate) for an adrenaline zipline or along the Old Vine Route to Jareninski Dol.

Hiking with children

Go on a hike with children. Discover the winegrowing hills of Urban, Meranovo or Vodole, the pearls of Pohorje such as the Black Lake, climb the hills of Piramida, Mestni vrh, Kalvarija or any other city hills and look for the greater pasque flower along the learning pathway to Boč.

Getting to know animals

The nature of Maribor and Pohorje enable you to discover many animal species, be it in the green nature or in the terrarium and aquarium. Together with your children you can also go exploring nature while riding a horse.

Explore Pohorje's waterfalls and lakes

Explore beautiful Pohorje's lakes - especially interesting are the Black Lake, which is almost completely black despite its crystal clear water, and the gorgeous Lovrenc Lakes. Do not forget the waterfalls - Šumik waterfall with its 25 meters is the most magnificent waterfall on Pohorje.

Parks and botanical gardens

Green oases in the middle of the city throb are an excellent place to relax, meet with your friends or explore nature. Discover many indigenous and alien species, shrubs and flowers in Maribor's parks and botanical gardens.

Water adventures

What could be better than a refreshing water experience on warm spring and hot summer days? Treat your youngest to a fun day by or on the water and visit the Drava Center or the summer swimming pool on Maribor Island or visit Aquarpark Dooplek if you like adrenaline!