Useful information and safety guidelines for a safe journey to Maribor

Useful information and safety guidelines for a safe journey to Maribor

Useful information and safety guidelines for a safe journey to Maribor

Before you set off for Maribor

Many tourists contact Visit Maribor with questions about the safety and accessibility of our tourist attractions. We would like to inform you that the situation in Maribor is safe, that the city's infrastructure was not damaged in the storms and that accommodation, catering and tourist facilities are operating smoothly.

However, we urge you to be cautious when travelling to Maribor and visiting the city`s surroundings, as in some areas the situation is affected by hazards such as flooding, landslides and damaged road surfaces. Therefore, URGENTLY follow the public announcements on the situation in Slovenia and the tourist advisories!


You can follow the weather forecast and recommendations on the official ARSO website.


Roads in Maribor are passable. Conditions on other Slovenian roads are changing all the time. Drivers, please follow the instructions of the emergency services and do not drive in flooded areas or on closed roads.


The rains and flooding have also caused inconvenience to public transport. The situation across Slovenia has also led to delays, detours and cancellations in passenger bus services.



Heavy rainfall, wind and flooding also affected the Pohorje region. Due to the vastness and difficult terrain of Pohorje, it is difficult to assess the full extent of the damage, so we advise greater caution and prior checking of the safety of hiking and cycling trails in the centres or chalets. Do not choose areas where conditions for mountaineering will not be favourable for at least some time (Upper Savinjska Valley, Koroška, parts of the Škofjeloško and Polhograjsko hills and the Kamnik-Bistri area). Check the openness of mountain paths and huts.


Before exploring the tourist attractions and natural beauty of Maribor and its surroundings, we recommend that you check up-to-date information from accommodation providers and other tourist sites. Keep an eye on the websites and social media profiles of the providers; the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Maribor, T:+386 2 234 66 11, E: , is also available every day to help you find information.

The situation changes daily, so we try to keep the information we get from the field as up-to-date as possible. However, for exact information on the situation in a particular area, we advise you to contact the provider directly.

Latest information from the field (Maribor and surroundings):

  • The Wakepark Dooplek sports and recreation centre in Duplek is not open due to flooding.
  • The Drava Bike Trail is difficult or even impassable due to the large number of fallen trees, bumps and stones, and is also difficult to cross. Please note the potential for avalanches on the way to Koroška. Current state of the cycle paths:
  • STAGE 1: Dravograd - Radlje ob Dravi
    ⛔️ Complete closure Dravograd - Trbonje
    ✅ CONTAIN: main road Dravograd - Maribor
  • STAGE 2: Radlje ob Dravi - Maribor
    ⛔️ Section Studenci - Limbus, through Limbus forest (above Drava centre) impassable.
    ✅ ROUTE: past Marles
  • STAGE 3: Maribor - Ptuj
    ⛔️ The right side of via Starše is impassable because the road is damaged (bumps, stones, fallen trees, etc.).
    ✅ The route Zrkovci - Miklavž na Dravskem polju is passable with a mountain or gravel bike and full caution.
    ✅ RECOMMENDATION: take the left side of via Duplek (green Drava Bike logo).
  • STAGE 4: Ptuj - Ormož
    ✅ Poor surface
  • STAGE 5: Ormož - Varaždin
    ⛔️ Cycling is not recommended, the infrastructure is very damaged.
  • STAGE 6: Varaždin - Legrad
    ⛔️ Cycling is discouraged as the infrastructure is very damaged.

Follow updated information on the Drava Cycle Route HERE.

Useful information and safety guidelines for a safe journey to Slovenia

If you are currently spending your holiday in Slovenia, or if you are heading there, we would like to share some information and recommendations with you.

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