M-simply good wines

M-simply good wines

Unique wines

The story of M-simply good wines began in 2009 when Gregor and Tjasa Mikuž designed a new wine brand. With them came new approaches and new ideas dictated by modern wine trends. With their expertise and precision work in the vineyard and wine cellar, they ensure that the wine preserves the natural taste of grapes and Pohorje.

The composition of the soil and the climatic conditions are the reason why M-simply good wines have an exceptional bouquet and a unique taste, for they carry within themselves the mark of unspoilt nature. At the junction where the Alps end and the Pannonian world begins, you will find M-simply good wines. A beautiful oasis on the slopes of Pohorje is the basis for the creation of unique wines.      

"We believe that our wines are so unique precisely because of the intact slopes of Pohorje and the grapevines, which is grown organically and cultivated with love, passion and dedication."

Products with Our Finest certificate:

  • Sauvignon
  • Unisex
  • Mooschkat


M-simply good wines
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