Lent Festival 2024, international multicultural festival

The city's kickoff to summer, bursting with music, food, and festivities.

Step into the festival's vibrant atmosphere!

The largest multicultural and multi-genre summer festival in this part of Europe is an incredible experience of culture and socializing, hospitality and cuisine, top artists and entertainment. For 9 festival days and nights, the whole city becomes a stage and invites you to blend in with the atmosphere.

Join us between June 21st and 29th 2024!

The Festival Lent is the only festival with its own verb!

The story of the Lent Festival is the story of evenings that smell like summer and invite you to socialize, to get out, under the starry sky, among colourful lights, sounds, rhythms. 

To the Drava river, which reflects the fantastic imagery of dreams, to the stands with local delicacies, to the squares where you meet your acquaintances, to the streets with rivers of visitors from all over the world. To the city that breathes, pulsates, lives!

The Lent Festival is the largest Slovenian open-air festival and one of the largest in Europe.

For more than a quarter of a century, at the beginning of summer, Maribor has been transformed into a gigantic stage and a lively junction of artistic expressions, cultures and languages from around the world. Every year it welcomes visitors from all over the world and almost every fourth Slovene has visited it at least once.

Lent festival 2024 - five festivals in one

  • FOLKART: International folk festival with a 35-year tradition, offering top performances by folk groups from around the world.
  • JAZZLENT & JAZZ PODIJ: The best jazz names in a unique atmosphere in the city center.
  • ANA DESETNICA NA LENTU: Street theater festival that brings city streets to life with performances by top street artists.
  • ART KAMP: Festival of creation and curiosity for children and adults, encouraging creativity and imagination.
  • STANDUPLENT: Festival of creation and curiosity for children and adults, encouraging creativity and imagination.

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Discover and enjoy. Start Lent-ing!

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