Guided tour of the Old Vine House

Guided tour of the Old Vine House

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  • COVID-19 – Notice: Due to the COVID-19 measures, Guided tour of the Old Vine House are unfortunately not possible until further notice. But you are cordially invited to buy wines and visit the Old Vine House.
Discover the secrets of the oldest vine in the world!

Discover the story of the oldest vine in the world, see the certificate in the Guinness Book of Records and find out how the proof was established. Listen to the life story of archduke Janez who played an important role in developing wine-making industry in Štajerska, and also to the stories of wine queens, their role and selection. Unravel the symbols in the largest ground mosaic in Slovenia that winds in the Old Vine House. A guide will also tell you many anecdotes and legends about the famous vine and present characteristics of wine-growing regions of Slovenia.

Guided tour price

  • for groups up to 5 persons: EUR 15/group

If you also choose a wine tasting after the tour, you can use your newly acquired knowledge in practice.


COVID-19 - Safety rules for visitors: 
Visitors are asked to disinfect their hands when entering the Old Vine House and maintain a safe distance. Visits are allowed only individuals or groups of up to max. 5 people. Only visitors wearing masks are allowed to enter.