Rafting along the river Drava

Rafting along the river Drava

Working hours

  • May-October
Experience the past tradition of rafting on the River Drava.

Do you wish to experience a rafting adventure on Drava River?

Experience the rich rafting tradition of the past! Let the raftsmen and their girls show you the magic of this very respected job of the past. Their positive attitude to life and culinary specialities will make an unforgettable rafting experience. The Maribor raftsmen are the ones who can take you on a ride on the most autochthonal raft in Slovenia. 

The ride starts in the Koblar bay and ends in Lent (an option of a circular ride). A raft ride on the River Drava offers a completely new view of the city. The Rafting trio playing local music creates a joyful atmosphere while participants indulge in delicious traditional cuisine. It is a tradition that one of the visitors goes through a true raftsman initiation ritual.

After the ride, in addition to numerous attractions in Maribor Lent, we recommend you to take a walk round the Rafting learning pathway.The path begins at the Old Vine House, past defence towers and across the embankment of the old Lent all the way to the Maribor island. You will learn about rich ethnological heritage and tradition of the city of Maribor and the entire Drava valley.



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