Šentilj trail

Šentilj trail

Over hills, through vineyards, over meadows and fields ...

On this hike you can enjoy nature and admire numerous sights of cultural and local interest. You can ride a unique ferry across the Mura and visit Zgornja Velka, one of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia. Sports enthusiasts can take up the challenge and walk or run a trail in one day.

There is a booklet of trail journeys available into which you can rubber stamp your successful completion at each of the checkpoints.

Sights on the trail

  • St. Ilya Church,
  • fort and mound cemetery at Novine,
  • energy springs,
  • Mura ferry,
  • Mura River,
  • Trate Castle,
  • Kaprolo Castle,
  • deer enclosure,
  • St. Mary of Snow,
  • Rajšp mound, c
  • old stream and chapel at Brloga..


  • Path type: hiking trail
  • Distance: 56 km
  • Altitude difference: 1700 m
  • Starting point: Maribor -> Šentilj
  • Duration: 17,5 h
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Google Earth KML file
  • GPX file
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